Will You Need a Water Or Fire Damage Personal Property Appraisal Team On Your Side?

One of the things property owners don’t know until it happens is that after a fire or flood, two groups that are on-site when the fire department is finished are your insurer and a water and fire damage restoration provider. The insurer protects its financial interests but calling Manzi Appraisers for a water damage personal property appraisal or a fire damage personal property appraisal will protect yours.

What Do Insurers and Water and Fire Damage Restoration Companies Do?

Fire Marshalls cannot leave a structurally unsafe property, which is why water and fire damage restoration companies arrive during an emergency to safely take over and secure a building. The insurer is there to document the scene, the property damage, and the potential services the homeowner will likely need. The insurer’s responsibility is also to ultimately keep insurance payouts to a bare minimum.

What does this mean for the property owner? Your primary concern is to not rely on the insurance agent to document the damage. When the scene has been secured, we highly suggest calling us at Manzi so that our appraisers are also on-site to provide a water damage personal property appraisal or a fire damage personal property appraisal so that we can efficiently protect your financial interests.

What is a Fire Damage Personal Property Appraisal?

Fire damage can occur for several reasons, including human error, electrical issues, or structural component malfunction. The damage may result from direct contact with heat and flames or from contact with ash and soot. Restoration companies often restore the property, but when it comes to valuables, often require the services of personal property appraisers and restoration experts.

The work done between the fire damage restoration companies and Manzi Appraisers & Restorer collectively work to protect your personal interests so that your possessions retain their value and anything a fire has damaged beyond repair can equally be replaced in type or worth. As Manzi’s experts act on behalf of the homeowner, you will have confidence that we are on-site, too.

As our experts work in tandem with insurers and fire damage restoration companies, we document the damage and create appraisals for each of the damaged valuables. We also advise clients on which items should be restored or replaced. Along with fire damage personal property appraisal services, we also can provide homeowners with antique, art, or décor repair and restoration.

What is a Water Damage Personal Property Appraisal?

Flooding can occur after water pipes break, sewage lines back up, or during inclement weather. Water damage can occur two-fold. First, the water may submerge valuables and cause direct damage. The property damaged is also often at risk from secondary elements like moisture, mildew, and mold. In these cases, time is the most critical component to reversing more serious water damage.

Time is also a factor for damage restoration companies that must get the salvageable property out while also completely drying each room. It is a mad dash against time and serious errors can occur, which is why you want someone on-site who understands how to meticulously preserve each water-damaged item and correctly care for antiques, jewelry, furniture, artwork, and other valuables.

If your property suffers from water or fire damage and you need a trustworthy appraiser on your side, call our office at 617-948-2577. You can also visit our Facebook page by following us at https://www.facebook.com/ManziAppraisers/ and sending a direct message about our expert water and fire damage property appraisal services, including collection management or restoration consultation.