Why It’s Important To Have A Personal Property Appraiser On Your Wealth Management Team

Wealth management teams work as investment advisors. Wealth management teams are commonly comprised of a client associate, credit specialist, investment advisor, estate specialist, treasury specialist, and wealth manager. Corporations and clients also use wealth management teams to provide financial services such as accounting, taxes, and estate or retirement planning. Clients also need a personal property appraiser on a wealth management team to provide services such as assessments or personal property appraisal from water and fire damage for insurance claims.

How Do Wealth Management Companies Work?

Wealth management companies provide financial advising and planning services for businesses, private entities, and personal clients, each having diverse needs that require specialist guidance. Wealth management advisors charge fees for these services and often help their clients make short-term and long-term evaluations and assessments that affect financial portfolios, retirement, estate planning.

Here’s Why You Need Our Personal Property Appraisers on Your Wealth Management Team

From wealth managers to attorneys, bankers, and estate trustees, appraisals are a reliable way to understand the state of assets. Wealth managers rely on personal property appraisals to establish a client’s financial positioning as a basis for future investment growth. As appraisers are third parties, it also minimizes the likelihood that in event of death, estate value or wills will be disputed by heirs.

Personal property appraisers work diligently work to expand financial transparency and accessibility within a global marketplace. Wealth managers don’t usually have this type of expertise, so they rely on appraisers to provide the information to make sound financial decisions that affect future transactions or as a baseline to leverage monetary assets to obtain loans or use as credit guarantees.

Personal property appraisers also help determine a defensible value by showing a company has a competitive advantage that is financially supported by long-term growth. Appraisers can also help wealth managers predict an accurate return on investment and find ways to elevate portfolio values, which is a smart strategy for long-term financial corporate growth or a continuing retirement strategy.

Personal Property Appraisal from Water and Fire Damage for Insurance Claims

With the rise of hurricanes, fires, and floods, and personal losses, businesses and property owners are looking for ways to protect assets, which is why financial advisors, as well as insurance companies, work with Manzi’s appraisers to prepare for natural disasters or personal losses. Qualified appraisers also provide personal property appraisals from water and fire damage for insurance claims.

Protecting assets is also another matter that appraisers help support, especially with theft and recovery. From taking out an insurance policy to scheduling and updating indemnity valuations, appraisers are responsible for establishing the foundation for which insurance assessments can be made accurately by a party that has no vested interest. Appraisers also document property that helps in recovery.

What Percentage of Businesses Fail Due to Poor Management Decision Making?

According to an article in the Portland Business Journal, 80% of businesses fail within five years, but 90% of them failed because of inadequate management decision-making. Assets play a critical role in decision making, which a personal property appraiser on a wealth management team will help a business succeed as financial advisors or specialists cohesively enhance financial decision making.

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