Why Custom Framing Is Worth the Expense

Your artwork is one of a kind, so why shouldn’t its frame be just as unique? A custom frame can help to set the tone for the artwork and elevate its appearance. Whether it is a classic or contemporary piece, a custom frame can help to both showcase and preserve the artwork. Though the cost of custom framing may be higher than for generic frames, the benefits vastly outweigh the costs, and here are a few of the reasons why.

Preserving the Artwork

Framing is an important part of presenting your piece, but it is equally as important a part of protecting it. Without a durable and protective frame, your artwork can easily suffer damage from multiple sources, most notably from handling and movement. Depending upon the type of artwork, with time, a poor job of framing may also lead to curling and fading as well. A professional quality frame also ensures that your artwork will benefit from quality, acid-free materials that will not cause damage to the artwork itself.

Professional Attention to Detail

With custom framing, professionals will put in the effort to measure and design a frame that perfectly matches your artwork, accounting for both its dimensions and materials. This requires a considerable degree of knowledge and attention to detail in order to select the correct materials and assemble a frame that not only suits the piece but is assembled with craftsmanship that will last.

You Select the Appearance

With a custom frame, it is just that, custom. This means that you can choose the look and materials to suit your vision. Though the cost may be higher, the ability to work with experts every step of the way means that you can get exactly the appearance you are looking for to suit your artwork. It also means that every frame is completely unique to the artwork.

Built to Last

Due to the greater amount of work that goes into the custom-built frames, they will generally be made with higher quality materials. This means that they will last and remain looking just as beautiful as the day they were made for many years to come. With high-quality mats, wires, and gilding assembled by hand, a custom-built frame can easily last for a lifetime.

Avoid Framing Disasters

Some people believe that framing artwork is an easy process that they can do themselves or trust an amateur. However, they could not be more wrong. Properly framing artwork requires precise measurement to ensure that everything fits perfectly and that the artwork is properly protected from the surrounding environment. Materials and the techniques that were chosen to mount the artwork must also be carefully chosen to avoid causing irreparable harm to the artwork itself. With a high-quality, custom frame, professionals will consider all of these factors with you to ensure that the process is performed correctly.

Final Thoughts

No matter the piece, a custom frame can protect and showcase your artwork with a beautiful frame that is just as unique as the piece it houses. This can help ensure that your artwork is protected properly and help to preserve it for generations to come.

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