The Importance of Relocation Management2

An art collection is a valuable asset and needs to be properly cared for to retain its value. Therefore, if you decide to move your art collection, it’s crucial to make sure it is done carefully to avoid any damage to your collection.

Large Art Pieces

If your collection contains large pieces, these may require extra care to keep the pieces from being damaged or broken. You should make sure you hire relocation experts that are experienced in moving large art pieces. This will typically involve transporting the art in air-equipped trailers. These trailers will have better shock absorbency, thus providing increased protection for your art pieces

Crating Your Artwork

Proper crating is a vital part of moving your fine artwork. It is essential when moving fine art to use custom crating. Works of art are all different and require different crating to ensure they can be safely moved. Wrapping your pieces of art in blankets and putting them in a typical box will not keep them safe.

Each piece of art needs to be evaluated, and a crate needs to be built specifically for the piece to keep it safe during the move. The artwork then needs to be wrapped using the best materials by an expert in moving fine art and then placed in the custom crate. Crating specialists will then label the crates with instructions for handling the package.

Storing Your Art in a Warehouse

It’s possible you will need to store your art collection in a warehouse for a time before moving it to a more permanent location. If this is the case, you’ll want to be careful when choosing the warehouse where you will be storing your art collection. You will need to search for a place that can safely and properly store your collection. This means you’ll want to find out about their liability insurance, security, storage conditions, and anything else you believe is important for storing your artwork.

Temperature Control

Whether during transport or storage, the right temperature is important. Too hot or too cold of temperatures can damage or even destroy some fine art pieces. So, be sure to consider temperature when having your art collection crated, moved, and stored. Don’t be afraid to ask the people crating, moving, and storing your art questions about temperatures if you have any concerns.

Ask for References

It’s always a good sign when other people are happy with a service provider. So, before hiring professionals to move your art collection, ask for references from a few relocation experts. Then contact the references to see if they were happy with the service and if there was anything they believe might have been handled better. This could help you to decide which relocation expert is right for you and if there are any issues you may want to ask about before hiring the company.

Obtain an Appraisal

No matter how much care is taken in moving your artwork, there is still a small possibility that damage could occur. So, it is always best to have your valuable pieces appraised before a move. This will ensure you have an up-to-date appraisal for insurance purposes if anything does happen.

Final Thoughts

Moving an art collection is always difficult and stressful. You are going to have concerns about potential damages. But, taking the time to hire the right art relocation expert can do a lot to ensure your collection is safely moved, thus easing your worries. Be sure to ask questions and make sure the business you hire is experienced in handling valuable art collections.

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