Fine Art Restoration Advice

One of the most important tasks that fine art, antique, or decorative art trustees have for clients is the acquisition of collectibles. Trustees often form to preserve history, strengthen personal collection, or support financial interests, but market unpredictability can affect a client’s assets considerably. This is why working with personal property appraisers to manage and perform art-related tasks for you can be invaluable.

Problems That Arise for Trustees

One of the challenges that arise when working with art and antiques is evidentiary. Before acquiring art and transferring it into a trust, trustees routinely must verify whose name is on the title, if the piece is authentic, its condition, the current market value, and the history of an artist and an artwork, any of which requires considerable time and expertise. A trustee must also administer and maintain a trust full-time.

Tasks Manzi’s Personal Property Appraisers Handle

Manzi’s Personal Property Appraisers wear many hats for our clients as we work directly with settlors, trusts, and their administrative trustees in performing critical business industry tasks such as:

  • New Trust Formation
  • Trust Administration
  • Pre-Acquisition Research
  • Authentication & Valuation
  • Risk Management
  • Ownership Record
  • Fine Art Restoration
  • Title Transfer Between Owner & Trust
  • Art Industry Specialist Recommendations
  • On-Going Art Maintenance & Cleaning
  • New Acquisition Delivery Management
  • Domestic & International Tax Levy Matters
  • Settlor & Trustee Contractual Obligations & Disputes
  • Appropriate Insurance Guidance & Damage Process Oversight
  • Trust Instructions from Settle of Artwork Wishes (Sale, Preservation, Exhibition, etc.)
  • Transportation & Storage Guidance (Residency, Gallery, On Loan, Museum)

Letting a personal property appraiser handle all the tasks associated with a trust will leave plenty of time to oversee the day-to-day trust responsibilities such as handling the business, finances, purchases, loans, sales, trust dividend management, and settlor risk mitigation. Property appraisal documentation can also be an invaluable resource to document market values in case damage occurs when performing trust duties.

More About Manzi Appraisers & Restorer

Manzi has been helping clients all over the world for over twenty years. While our main office is located in Boston, we regularly serve New Englanders in person and online to provide accurate property appraisals, acquisition or sales deals, consultations, and information so you can make decisions based on trustworthy research and advice. What type of property do we work with?

We also serve diverse customers, including private collectors, insurers, policyholders, trustees, museums, and gallery owners. Our clients also buy or sell fine art, home furnishings, rare books, coin collectors, and decorative arts, so we find it crucial to continue to study the industry as it is unpredictable and ever-changing. It is the very reason why so many of our clients depend on our knowledge and experience.

To learn more about how Manzi’s personal property appraisal experts will help you with setting up or managing an art trust, please call our office at 617-948-2577 or visit us on Facebook at You can also set up appraisal appointments, ask us a direct appraisal or restoration questions, or suggest interesting blog topics you would like to learn more about.