Spring Cleaning Tips for Valuable Silverware & Flatware

The first day of spring was March 20th. If you are a spring cleaner, you are likely gearing up for a deep clean, which medical experts advise annually to strengthen healthiness and boost immunity. Decluttering your home can also reduce the likelihood of injuries and decrease stress. Manzi’s experts thought it would be a great time for spring cleaning tips for silverware and flatware.

Why is it Important to Spring Clean Flatware & Silverware?

Unlike normal kitchen utensils, valuable flatware and silverware are quality-made and long-lasting. Silverware and flatware also are known for their intricate designs and patterns, which is why special care is given before usage, which families often save for the holidays or the guests during special occasions. Moreover, it is the silver-made products that your guests notice first.

For this reason, flatware and silverware require specialized cleaning. Silver, especially, tends to attract dust in storage, but because it is also delicate, it can become dull, discolored, and filmy. Silver is also a pliant metal, so it is susceptible to tarnish when in direct contact with chemicals. Spring cleaning allows you to carefully dust, clean, and polish silver using quality products.

Tips for Caring for Silverplate & Flatware

Here are a few spring cleaning tips for silverware and flatware to help retain their values.

  • Always Wash Silverware by Hand

Flatware and silverware can be made of silver (925 markings), sterling silver, or silver-plated, so it is easy to make a mistake when cleaning if not versed in their differences. Silverware and flatware also vary in composition, color, and weight. Avoid dishwashers, harsh chemicals, heat, or abrasion and hand wash instead. We advise using mild soaps, soft-bristled brushes, and fabrics to wash or dry silver.

  • Rinse Kitchenware Immediately After Usage

You should be mindful to remove leftovers from silver-plated flatware as quickly as possible, avoid acidic foods, and do not submerge silverware or flatware in water for any period of time to reduce the likelihood of discoloration or corrosion.

  • Carefully Apply Polish

Some silverware and flatware owners add polish during regular cleaning, and this is a mistake as it only requires it intermittently. With routine washing and drying, it will keep silver in tip-top shape. Add a quality made polish during spring cleaning. You should also avoid using abrasive cloths or brushes on stains.

  • Adhere to Strict Storage Practices

It is highly critical to adhere to strict storage practices for flatware and silverware. Wrap silver in dye-free linen, cotton, tissue, or tarnish-resistant flannel and store them in sealed containers or chests to avoid scratching or tarnishing.  Make sure these containers do not have rubber seals as they may allow in moisture and air.

By incorporating spring cleaning and polishing tasks, your silverware and flatware will retain their beauty, finishing, and value, which will also ensure these valuables last for many years. Moreover, generations to come will inherit impeccably cared for silverware and flatware.

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