Ansel Adams (1902-1984), Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico.

Gelatin silver print, mounted. Image 15 ¼” x 19”. Frame 24” x 27”. Signed on lower right on mount.

Appraised Value: $75,000


Andy Warhol
from Myths, 1981 lithograph 38” x 36”

The screen print in colors with a diamond dust application on board. It is signed by Andy Warhol in the lower right in silver pencil. Numbered 102/200 Published by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc NY, NY The copyright for Feldman Fine Arts, Inc. is located on the lower left.

Appraised Value: $25,000

Fine Hereke Silk Pictorial Rug

Fine Hereke Silk Pictorial Rug
with scenes of Pashas delivering precious gifts and treasure
Northwest Anatolia
Second Half 20th Century

Hereke rugs are beautiful and expensive collectible rugs. Hereke is a town that is not too far from Istanbul. It was the Otttomn Emperor Sultan Abdulmecid (1823-1861) who set up the original carpet factory in Hereke in 1843. This particular Hereke rug depicts scenes of pashas (high ranking Turkish officials) delivering precious gifts and treasures. All Hereke rugs are made of expensive natural silk.

Clairiere et Mare aux Viperes

Clairiere et Mare aux Viperes 
Artist: Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña

Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña was a French landscape painter that belonged to the Barbizon School. Born August 20, 1807 in Bordeaux, France to Spanish parents, his youth was plagued by difficulty, orphaned at 10 years old, he lost his leg due to an infected reptile bite he sustained during adolescence. Pulling himself out of poverty, Diaz worked as a porcelain painter in Sèvres, before focusing on his career as an artist.

Diaz de la Peña’s paintings, like those of his friend and mentor Théodore Rousseau, often depicted the Forest of Fontainebleau near the town of Barbizon. Employing stark contrasts and textured brushstrokes, the artist’s scenes of dark tree lined paths evoke the mysterious quality of being alone in the woods. By 1870, he had gained widespread admiration from both critics and collectors, as well as younger artists like Pierre-August Renoir who venerated Diaz. The artist died November 18, 1876, in Menton, France.

Appraised Value: $7,000


Le Grand Bois 
Artist: Henri Matisse
Woodcut, 1906, signed in ink, limited edition 37/50

Henri Matisse was a French artist who was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. He was a master of color and form, and his work continues to inspire and influence artists today. Matisse was associated with several art movements throughout his career, including Fauvism, which was characterized by its use of bold, vivid colors, and Expressionism, which emphasized emotion and personal feeling.

Matisse was also skilled in many different mediums, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and paper cut-outs. His art is characterized by its simplicity, which belies the complexity of his compositions. Matisse’s legacy as an artist continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

Appraised Value: $52,000

Revere Church Bell

The Revere Church Bell
The bell’s composition is made of bronze an alloy with copper and tin, lead and nickel and weighs an estimated 633 lbs.

The Bell is 39 ½” (D) and approximately 36” (H). The cast iron clapper is approximately 15” from a pivot below the crown. The headstock is approximately 3’x2’.

Inscribed on the front of the bell are the words: “REVERE BOSTON”.

Joseph Warren Revere was the maker of this Revere Boston Church Bell in the Canton, Massachusetts Foundry, 1834.

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