Reframing Your Artwork

Have you ever bought a lovely painting or picture you really like, but you weren’t happy with the frame? Or, maybe you have a painting at home that you are unhappy with. Maybe it’s a bit old or no longer matches your décor.

Whatever the case, reframing your artwork might solve your problem and make you happy to display your artwork again. So, to help you with this project, we will offer some tips for reframing different types of artwork in this article.

Store Bought Art

Many people see pictures they like in a store, but they don’t like the way it is framed. It could be because the frame is of very low quality. Or, it might be that the picture is too big or small for where they want it.

Well, you don’t need to give up on these pictures. You can still make them work by reframing them. If you find a picture that is too small, you can add a mat to the picture or maybe even two mats. If you have the picture custom framed, you can choose whatever size mat you want. Or, if you would like the picture to be smaller, you could choose not to have a mat at all.

Old Photos

Old photos can make excellent additions to your home’s décor. These photos not only look great, but they often have a lot of sentimental value attached to them as well. But, over the years, their frames can degrade, or in some cases, they might just not match your décor. In either case, you can still use these photos and have them look great by reframing them.

You’ll need to carefully remove the old photo from the frame. Then, remove the framer’s tape and bend the framing points back. You should wear gloves during all of this to protect your hands from any glass.

After this, you can reframe the photo in the frame of your choice. Or, if the photo is in poor condition and you have a digital copy of it, you could reprint it and frame the new print.

Thrift Store Art

Sometimes you can find really nice art at a thrift shop and at a great price, but you may be wary of purchasing it due to a very poor quality frame. Maybe the frame is in very poor condition, or it’s just ugly. But, if you really like the picture, don’t let the frame discourage you from buying it. With custom framing, you can get a great frame in almost any size. Additionally, custom frames are high-quality frames that will last a long time.

Your Own Art

If you have art you would like to frame; you don’t need to worry that it is hard to do. You can add a mat that will allow you to frame your art with a standard size frame, or you can have it custom framed. Whichever method you choose, framing your own artwork is easy, and with all of the options to choose from, it can even be fun.

Final Thoughts

Almost any artwork you like can be altered to suit your décor by reframing it. Reframing can also give old photos or pictures a new look. It can even help preserve your items for the future. So, before giving up on old artwork or a picture you are considering purchasing, consider reframing.

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