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To buy fragments of history is to preserve it, to relive it, and to appreciate it. It’s the exact reason why retired US Marine David Manzi founded Manzi Appraisers & Restorer as he loves to research and authenticate the pieces of history that connect the past to the present. He also believes that art is universal as it captivates the world through a visual lens. It is with this philosophy that we serve a diverse clientele.

What Does An Appraiser Do?

An appraiser’s job is to determine the current appraisal value of personal property by performing visual and hands-on inspections, researching, and authenticating articles as being genuine.  The most highly rated appraisers tend to be educated, experienced, and follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards of ethical practices and performance, which establishes credibility.

Manzi Appraisers & Restorer Best in Boston

Manzi Appraisers & Restorer specialize in authenticating and valuing anything, from fine art to home furnishings and décor. We also specialize in providing consultations and indemnity valuations, including assessing personal property appraisal from water and fire damage for insurance claims.

Our experts also commonly provide an appraisal for decorative arts and rare book appraisals. We have top-quality experts in New England and Massachusetts to perform fine art restoration. We are also often asked by our clients to oversee the buying and selling of antique artifacts and artwork.

Manzi Appraisers & Restorer Services

While we provide appraisal services for personal property, we specialize in areas like antique and decorative art appraisals, rare book appraisals, fine art restoration, and insurance claim damage.

  • Antique Appraisals

Antique appraisals occur when property owners, antique collectors, or prospective buyers want to authenticate pieces, usually considered valuable or rare, to determine worth, for knowledge, for insurance, or equitable distribution. Manzi appraisals also authenticate and verify present values.

If you are in the process of selling antiques, our office can also provide you with the certification you need to complete your sale, including an antique valuation report to establish current worth. This documentation can also be used for insurance purposes or when paying capital gain taxes.

  • Rare book appraisals

People have historically associated books with intellect and knowledge. In a library, collections historically represented wealth and status. Founding father Thomas Jefferson had an extensive personal library, which he associated as being critical to his academics and mental well-being.

After his home burned and his library was lost, he set a goal to build his book collection, which he added volumes from global travels. By 1814, he had the largest collection in the Americas. He later sold 6,487 volumes to Congress after the Capitol burned, which it bought for $23,950.

It is through a similar love for books that people around the world collect today. It is also because of the need to conserve them that collectors seek rare books appraisals to verify content, age, aesthetics, condition, previous ownership, or to determine if a book is in high market demand.

You might also want to have a rare book appraisal if you want to make a purchase but are unsure of its authenticity. Appraisers have a wide network of book dealers and collectors that sell hard-to-find authors. Collectors also tap into appraisal networks to buy and sell with book enthusiasts.

Ask Manzi: “What would Jefferson’s books be worth today?” $23,950 = $422,540

  • Fine Art Restoration

Collectors, galleries, museums, and auction houses often require fine art restoration and conservation services. Our team of restoration specialists works with both historical and modern artwork and uses state-of-the-art technology and old-world techniques to repair structural damage.

With meticulous analysis, our restoration process starts with an inspection to determine the most optimum manner in which to achieve our goals. We can also be of immense value during the acquisition process when pieces need appraisal and will ultimately need our restoration services.

Manzi’s experts also clean, retouch, or remove overpaint to carefully bring art back to its original vibrancy. We also specialize in fine art management by providing aftercare services to clients, which include the safeguarding, transporting, hanging, cleaning, and storing of fine art pieces.

  • Appraisal for Decorative Arts

Much like libraries, people collect decorative art to depict artistic expressions long past, to create magnificent focal points, to distinguish economic status, or to signify your devotion as an art collector. There are different decorative art disciplines, and each has a large collector following.

Appraisals for decorative arts are often categorized by industries like textile, woodworking, pottery, metalworks, porcelain, ceramics, glass, sculptures, upholstery, or handmade vertu.  We also specialize in historic and contemporary decorative art designers, styles, and collectibles.

  • Personal Property Appraisal from Water and Fire Damage for Insurance Claims

In 2019, buying and selling of the art market were valued at 64.4 billion while in 2020, COVID decreased market participation to about 50.1 billion per economist Dr. Clare Andrews. Because of the wealth of art exchanging hands, insurance becomes a major factor in protecting investments.

For this reason, Manzi experts specialize in personal property appraisal from water and fire damage for insurance claims. As independent authorities, we analyze the personal property for insurers, collectors, auction houses, galleries, or art dealers to determine damage and loss value.

Manzi also prepares a damage and loss report that is recognized by major insurance companies as the preferred authority in water and fire appraisal. We also work closely with third parties such as storage or transportation companies and insurance adjusters to provide our expert evaluations.

Our experts produce damage and loss reports that strictly follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and other affiliate appraisal regulatory boards so that after damage or loss occurs, the owners, adjusters, and insurers have value agreements in place.

Additionally, Manzi organizes, values, and catalogs each piece digitally so we can quickly provide the accurate damage and loss certification documents to an insurance company’s claim departments, which helps speed up the property claims processing and compensation approval.

Our experts at Manzi Appraisers & Restorer are on standby to help you whether you need an appraisal, a valuation, or consulting service in the Greater Boston area. Call our office today at 617-948-2577 or visit our Facebook page at where you can send a private direct message to us.