Personal Property Appraisals for Estate Sale Items Listed Online

One of the strongest marketplace trends right now is buying and selling online. Estate sale agents also use online sites to achieve digital liquidation, build estate sale interest, or increase sale traffic. It can be an incredibly risky venture to take on alone. Here is how our Manzi experts will help you navigate online estate sales and provide trustworthy personal property appraisals for any estate sale item listed online.

Are Online Estate Sales Safe?

Online estate sales are perfectly safe because site owners know the law and follow it closely. Online sales allow sellers to reach a greater number of buyers who want to find unique items. It also helps estate sellers advertise pricey valuables that might not necessarily sell in a local estate sale marketplace. The key to a successful endeavor is to work with an appraiser to evaluate items and provide helpful guidance.

How To Identify Online Estate Sales for Personal Property Appraisals

It is pretty easy to locate online estate sales. You can either search keywords like “online estate sales” or follow sites like,, and These websites have regular items listed by sellers all around the world because they are advertising website venues that provide a digital marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. They also have A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

These online estate sale venues also regularly list highly sought-after items like antiquities, furniture, prints, paintings, antique books, and art. You can also sign up for emails on these websites for both digital and local estate sales, which allows buyers and sellers to reach more people. Most importantly, most online estate ads on these websites permit telephone, absentee, online, and in-person bidding practices.

Benefits of Hiring Manzi Appraisers & Restorer Before Online Estate Sale Dates

  • Estate Sale Expertise, Guidance, & Support

Estate sales that are carried out digitally often work a bit differently than in-person sales. Digital sales often provide images or videos of items with descriptions for authentication. There may be a bidding process with an end date (such as on eBay) or provide a date in which a person must log on to a link and engage live. In-person estate sales either set sale prices or use an auction house with a bid process.

This can be an incredibly intimidating process, which is why some buyers and sellers are reluctant to participate. For this reason, buyers and sellers rely on the expertise of personal property appraisers to offer industry expertise and guidance through the process. As you will have questions or need advice, appraisers can be useful in the process by providing expert support about items or sale knowledge.

  • Pre-Estate Sale Purchase Research & Personal Property Appraisals

Time is money, and for people who think it a waste of time to hire an appraiser before bidding on items, it can also be a costly reminder in that taking the time to authenticate valuable items is time and money well spent. Appraisers know what factors make objects like antiques, books, furniture, or fine art appreciate or depreciate. We also provide personal property appraisals to authenticate item values.

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