Personal Property Appraisal for Water and Fire Damage Insurance Claims

As a collector, you probably have thought a lot about the buying and selling process, but how much do you know about personal property appraisal from water and fire damage for insurance claims? It turns out that the experts at Manzi Appraisers & Restorer know quite a bit. Here are a few tips.

How Do Personal Property Appraisers Affect Insurance Claims?

Personal property appraisers are often called upon to evaluate and assess property damage and provide an unbiased valuation. Both an owner and an insurer have a right to call upon the services of an appraiser. If there is no consensus on value, a third appraiser is tasked by appraisers or court appointees to resolve it.

Personal Property Appraisal from Water and Fire Damage for Insurance Claims

The insurer and policyholder have a right to hire separate appraisers to appraise damages. Insurance companies often will include a policy clause that specifies when a valuation cannot be determined by one or both parties, a third appraiser or arbitrary servicer will handle the dispute to find a fair resolution.

If the two parties fail to agree after the appraisal, a third appraiser will set a value. Two of the three appraisers who agree on a value legally binds it as the agreed-upon property value. In arbitration, there is a group of arbitrators that equally take on the role of the third appraiser to represent all parties fairly.

How Do I Select An Appraiser For Personal Property Appraisals?

It is important to remember that working with an appraiser helps you quickly resolve property disputes, but you shouldn’t take the first one you find online. You want an appraiser who has a history of accurate appraisals and is qualified to do it. You also want someone trustworthy and available to you when needed.

David Manzi has been in the business for three decades, but our appraisers individually specialize in working with property owners, insurers, and arbitrators. We know how the process works inside and out. We invite you to visit us online at to learn more about our consultations.

The next thing we highly advise is researching appraisers. You will want to hire a fully insured appraiser as an added layer of protection. You can also read company reviews to learn about what actual clients experienced. It can provide you with details on a range of services, first-impressions, and knowledge.

How Do Manzi Appraisers & Restorer Mediate?

Mediation on behalf of clients or insurers works the same way. Property is damaged, usually by fire or flood, and we act as a neutral party and use our knowledge and experience to determine a valuation. We stand on our reputation, so we handle each job with utmost care in assessing the property with expertise.

David Manzi has built his reputation around his morals and values. When you love your job, it shows. As a former Marine, he also lives wholeheartedly by Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful). While some appraisers earn their keep by sabotaging deals, our company believes in industry honesty and integrity.

As a fire or flood is typically the worst kind of financial loss for a property owner, it is also downright distressing. The last thing you want to do is deal with the process. Choosing a reliable and experienced appraiser will enhance the dispute process so you can return to setting your personal property to rights without worry.

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