How to Prepare for an Art Appraisal

Are you curious about what your fine artwork is worth? Maybe you need an accurate estimate of its value for an insurance policy? Perhaps instead, you would like to know how much you could earn by selling it or how much it could help by donating it to charity. No matter which of these reasons apply, they can all be answered by an accurate appraisal of your artwork.

An appraisal provides you with an estimate of the monetary value of an object, such as artwork. This is not an easy measure to make because it requires a careful examination of the artwork and knowledge of the relationship between the buyers and sellers of the artwork at the time of the examination. This means that there is no static value, and it will change with time. An appraiser will need access to any pieces to be appraised in order to make a detailed examination as well as to any additional information concerning the items. Here are a few ways you can prepare for an on-site property appraisal to ensure it proceeds smoothly.

Gather the Items to Be Appraised

If only a single piece is to be appraised, then this part of the process will be easy; however, if you will have an entire collection or several unique pieces of art or antiques appraised, then try to make sure they are accessible and in a safe location for the appraisal.

Gather Additional Information

Do you have any additional information concerning the items in question? This could include receipts, proof of authenticity, and any other information that could assist in identifying the object or establishing its value. If you have any of this information, you should ensure it is ready for the appraiser to review.

Prepare a Space to Work

Ensure there is a space ready with suitable lighting and access for the appraiser to work. Depending on the piece, this may involve a large open surface or even other equipment for handling and examining the pieces. If any equipment you do not possess will be needed, let the appraiser know before they show up.

Ensure the Items Are Clean

Depending on the type of art to be appraised, cleaning may not be advisable. For paintings, historical pieces, or those with uncertain materials, professionals should be consulted before you attempt to clean them. However, for certain items such as sculptures cleaning them before the appraiser arrives can help to ensure they are ready when the appraiser arrives.

Final Thoughts

If you are uncertain about any of the steps and want to ensure you are ready when the appraiser arrives, don’t hesitate to ask the appraiser you choose if there are any special preparations they would like you to make for the appraisal. You can also let them know about any particular information you would like from the appraisal so they can be ready from the moment they arrive.

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