Negotiating property appraisals for water and fire damage insurance claims can be extremely valuable when insurance company representatives and policyholders disagree on property loss values. Having a knowledgeable and trustworthy personal property appraiser on your side will help you negotiate terms. Here is how Manzi Appraisers & Restorer handle the negotiation process to result in fair settlements.

How Property Appraisals for Water and Fire Damage Insurance Claims Work

Personal property appraisers are highly trained experts who have the responsibility of helping clients who have been unable to successfully resolve property damage claims. Both insurance companies and policyholders are legally entitled to hire personal property appraisers to invoke negotiations for appraisal clauses when damages exceed settlement offers, such is often the case when water and fire damage occurs.

Policyholders may find hidden damages after the fact or believe that the repair estimates received do not adequately cover losses. Any disagreements or disputes will eventually enter the negotiation process when the appraisers discuss the damages and disagree on a loss amount. If both appraisers are unable to settle, an unaffiliated third-party personal property appraisal umpire will be brought in to settle varying disputes.

While it may seem unusual, negotiations between appraisers are a normal business practice, which is why insurance companies, large firms, and personal property owners with valuable assets often work directly with the same personal property appraiser long-term to handle different types of financial asset transactions, such as estate property acquisitions, personal appraisals, consultations, or insurance firm negotiation.

What happens when an insurance company refuses to settle a property damage claim? Either party has a legal right to refuse a settlement and negotiate. You also have an option to invoke an insurance appraisal clause. Property appraisals for water and fire damage insurance claims are no different. Your appraiser’s job is to fairly represent your interests during negotiations, which is why you want one you can trust.

We highly advise our clients to always check insurance policy conditions and clauses before entering into contracts so there is a fair idea of what to expect should personal property damage occur. Consulting with a personal property appraiser company when selecting your insurance carrier can also be invaluable to finding the right type of carrier and identifying the right type of insurance protection you will want to obtain.

A personal property clause usually states that if the policyholder and carrier disagree on losses, either party can request an appraisal. This type of clause allows uninterested parties to find resolutions, usually within a short time frame of receiving a written policy clause negotiation request. The appraisers will also identify an umpire should the two fail to resolve clause concerns, in which the umpire will settle the loss.

Selecting the Right Personal Property Appraiser

Finding a personal property appraiser is easy but finding a qualified personal property appraiser is the most critical part of the process. You want someone who has no personal interest in the outcomes and who has a trustworthy reputation among clients. You also want to hire someone with extensive expertise in both personal property appraisals and insurance industry practices so that assessments are fair and accurate.

You Want Someone Who Can:

  • Identify the Full Scale of Insurance Coverage
  • Assess and Appraise Insurance Claim Damage
  • Determine Accurate Property Loss Damage Amounts
  • Investigate, Gather Evidence, Validate Claims, & Professionally Consult with Secondary Sources
  • Record Claim Activities and Inventory for Future Analysis
  • Negotiate With Appraisers to Successfully Resolve Issues
  • Identify a Reliable & Qualified Umpire to Administer a Claim if a Settlement Can Not Be Reached

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