How to Determine the Real Value of Your Art and Antiques

Understanding the true value of art and antiques involves much more than just a cursory glance at an object. It’s a deep dive into history, craftsmanship, provenance, and market trends. At Manzi Appraisers & Restorers, we approach each appraisal with the precision and respect it deserves, ensuring our clients understand the real value of their treasures.

Determining the value of art and antiques starts with a thorough physical inspection. We examine the object for maker’s marks, signatures, age, materials, and craftsmanship. Each detail can provide insights into the item’s origin and its place in history. This physical examination also involves checking for any restorations or damage, which can significantly impact an item’s value.

Provenance is crucial in our appraisal process. An item with a well-documented history, particularly one linked to significant persons or events, can be far more valuable than similar items without such a history. We meticulously review any documentation provided, and we often conduct our own research to verify and complement the item’s history.

Condition is another critical factor. Art and antiques can deteriorate over time or be damaged through handling and exposure to environmental factors. We assess the condition carefully, considering how factors like fading, chipping, or repairs affect the item’s desirability and market value.

Market trends also play a significant role in valuation. We stay up-to-date with auction results, gallery sales, and collector activities to understand how the market values certain types of items. This knowledge allows us to provide clients with a realistic expectation of what their items could fetch in a sale or auction.

At Manzi Appraisers & Restorers, we compile our findings into a detailed appraisal report that offers a clear and comprehensive view of the item’s worth. This report can be used for insurance purposes, in estate planning, or to guide decisions about selling or keeping the item.

Understanding the value of your art and antiques can be enlightening and can also provide significant financial and historical benefits. If you need expert appraisal services or simply want to learn more about the treasures you own, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone at 617-948-2577 or visit our Facebook page at Manzi Appraisers.

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