How Reupholstering & Refinishing Will Renew Family Furniture Hand-Me Downs

Furniture value is most often set by the quality of craftsmanship, material usage, and aesthetic appeal. Even with family furniture hand-me-downs that have seen better days, a high-quality reupholstering or refinishing will make pieces look brand new. Here are a few things to know about how furniture reupholstering and refinishing can affect current antique market valuations.

How Reupholstering & Refinishing Will Renew Family Furniture Hand-Me Downs

Many families hand down furniture to new generations because of sentimental or monetary values. For these reasons, it is often worth investing in a new reupholstering or refinishing as a means of restoration. It can also be worth it to modernize outdated furniture designs or aesthetics rather than buying furniture new. These practices can also breathe new life into valuable family heirlooms or antique furniture pieces.

Which Family Furniture Hand Me Downs Should I Keep?

One of the most important decisions on whether to have reupholstery or refinishing is condition. Here are a few things to keep in mind before deciding to revitalize antiques or buy furniture new.

  • Structural Components

Structural components of aged antique furniture are the most critical element to examine. If the structure is not sturdy or made with quality materials, it is unlikely that the furniture piece will last. A weak interior component will seriously devalue an antique, so it financially may not be worth it to pay for a new reupholstery.

A general rule of thumb is that if a piece predates 1850, you need to research a bit before making any decisions on whether conservation is better than restoration. Hand-me-downs, especially, may hold more sentimental value than monetary, so finding out how extensive structural damage is provides details to estimate costs.

  • Sentimental Value vs. Current Market Value

There are many antique furniture pieces handed down through the years that hold significant sentimental value because they were a loved one’s favorites. So, it is natural for family members who receive such pieces to want to hold on to them as long as possible because of affectionate memories of visiting grandma or grandpa.

It is also for this reason that some antique furniture hand-me-downs are reupholstered or refinished yet do not improve a piece’s current market value. It is very important to do your homework on market value to ensure the investments you make are worth it. Otherwise, it may be better to discard it and buy it new.

  • Reupholstery/Refinishing Costs vs. Furniture Value

Unlike sentimental value, reupholstering and refinishing can retain value or add significant value to hand-me-down furniture when the pieces are quality-made and receive high-quality reupholstery and refinishing services. It is important to think about hand-me-down furniture’s value and compare it to the costs of services.

At Manzi, our restoration experts how at how to maintain an antique piece of furniture’s original structure and aesthetic while also breathing life back into it as an investment. If a piece of furniture has already been appraised, consult the experts before making any changes as it could cause an antique value to decrease.

It might also be worth it to invest in light restorations as it only affects certain elements rather than a complete overhaul. Some families opt for light restorations over the years to keep family heirlooms sturdy and beautiful while not affecting the elements, such as original finishing, that could detract from its market value.

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