How Military and First Responders Can Get A 25% Discount in November For Antique Appraisals

Manzi Appraisers & Restorer is honored to start our 1st Annual Veteran’s Honor Program! It is our way to say thank you to true American heroes! Last year, Manzi Appraisers & Restorer honored healthcare workers. This year, we want to honor our military and first responders by offering a 25% discount for personal property appraisals throughout the month of November.

Military Antique Appraisals

Everything in history has a story to tell. For anyone who served in the military, a story can have both sentimental and monetary values. Collectors want to know both as each can increase the value of an antique, yet the pieces with the most value are considered rare and remarkable. Most collectors value antique appraisals as the quickest and most effective way to authenticate the history and value.

Military antique collectibles can also range from Colonial and American history like the Revolutionary War, Indian War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War to global military campaigns like First Crusade, Hundred Years War, World War I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The rarer the military items, the more valuable it becomes to collectors of military memorabilia.

  • War Relics
  • Military Flags
  • Military Artifacts
  • Military Patches
  • Calvary Swords
  • Military Uniforms
  • Military Sculptures
  • Vintage Military War Campaign Trading Cards
  • Military Parade Dress
  • Signed Military Letters
  • Military Challenge Coins
  • Photographs or Autographs
  • Monogrammed Memorabilia
  • WW II P-47 Thunderbolt Parts
  • WWI & WWII Military Medals
  • Military Memoirs, Records, Journals, or Diaries
  • WWI Flight Jackets, WWII Bomber Jackets, or Other Authentic Military Apparel

First Responders Antique Appraisals

Because first responders are working overtime to keep Americans safe during the pandemic, it has led to collectors trying to do their parts by auctioning off antiques to raise money for COVID relief. It is also the perfect time for collectors to invest in first responder antique appraisals to document past endeavors but to find the rarest items from the pandemic that will have a higher ROI in the future.

  • Rare Patches
  • Collectible Badges
  • First Responder Medals
  • First Responder Uniforms
  • First Responder Decorative Art
  • First Responder Challenge Coins
  • Vintage Fireman or Police Jackets
  • First Responder Firearms or Weapons
  • Vintage First Aid Kits or Medical Boxes
  • First Responder Paintings, Drawings, or Sculptures
  • Vintage First Responder Equipment (Helmets, Turnout Gear, Sirens)
  • Early Era Fire Department Items (Ex: 1st Fire Department by Benjamin Franklin/Philadelphia-1736)
  • Early Era Police Force Items: (Ex: Philadelphia-1751, Richmond-1807, Boston-1838, and New York-1845, & U.S. Secret Service-1865)

Covid-Related First Responder Collectibles You Should Invest Now

First responders are also making history as we speak because COVID is a once-in-a-century type of event that will one day be of value to those who want to study this period in history. For this reason, certain items will one day be rare and valuable to collectors. It is for this reason that Manzi’s experts feel that it would be an excellent time to start a COVID collection as a way to document history.

  • Vaccine Cards
  • Covid-Paperwork
  • COVID Testing Kits
  • Celebrity Face Masks
  • CDC & NHS Pandemic Posters
  • Covid-Related Government Letters
  • 19th & Early 20th Century First Aid Kits
  • #ThankYouHeroes Mattel Action Figures
  • Captain Tom Moore Autograph (Current Value: $33,970 USD)
  • Signed/Unsigned First Edition Covid-Related Books by Noted Authors
  • Covid-Related Newspapers Announcing Lockdowns or Other Noteworthy News
  • Original 2020 Tokyo Olympic Items (Miraitowa Mascot & New Sporting Events)

Military and first responders have always played a significant role in history, which is why Manzi Appraisers & Restorer is offering a 25% discount in November for personal property appraisals. To learn more, simply give our office a call at 617-948-2577 or visit us on Facebook at where you can send us a direct message or tell us about a hero in your life.