Manzi Home also can implement a variety of interior and exterior home repairs including:

  • Painting & Refinishing
  • Cabinet Repairs/Refurbishing/Installation
  • Deck And Exterior Repairs
  • Window Treatments
  • Kitchen/Electrical/Appliance Installation
  • Flooring/Stairs/Railing Repairs
Relocation Management

Relocation Management

Manzi Appraisers will ensure safe and careful moving services that include installation of each set of artwork (including furniture and decorative objects) no matter the size of your collection. We are the start-to-finish relocation manager. 

Prior to your relocation, Manzi Appraisers assesses value and the most precious and fragile pieces of each collection. 

Valuables in your collection that require extra-special attention, we will be on-site for your moving day while managing all relocation logistics from pre-move preparations to post-move assistance, as well as removal and recycling of all packing materials and boxes.

 Relocation Management services include:

  • Luxury Packing/Move out
    • Specialized Materials
    • Crating 
  • Move Day Services 
    • Organizing
    • Directing
    • Logistics 
  • Post Move Services
    • Unpacking/Move in
    • Placement of Unpacked Objects
    • Disposal of Packing Materials
    • Touch up / Repair to Walls, Molding, Painted Surfaces
  • Art Installation
    • Packing, crating, transport and placing into storage
  • Set-Up / Installation 
    • Flat Pack Furniture, Shelving
  • Expert packing and customs management as required

We ensure all highly, and invaluable pieces of artwork are relocated safely and securely by hiring only well-established and trusted professional Relocation Management Services. From photography to paintings, from sculptures and furniture, Manzi Appraisers provides the skills and expertise to deliver a successful and seamless relocation experience without the guesswork or stress that our 

Contact us today, to learn what our expert team and services can provide for a tailored solution to your exact relocation needs! 

Contents Inventory

Manzi Appraisers & Restorers are equipped to serve the needs of the homeowner insurance company during this difficult and challenging time by:

  • Cataloging
  • Inspection
  • Photographing
  • Providing fair market values

Each damaged article is carefully examined, catalogued, digitally documented and appraised on a pre-loss replacement value basis as of the date of loss. In the event of a total loss or theft, valuation is based on all available information and forensic reconstruction.

Compile, research and assess complete inventories post disaster i.e. fire, water, mold and smoke damage.

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