Framing Your Artwork

When you buy an expensive piece of artwork, you naturally want it to look the best it can and last a long time. So, before you hang the artwork on your wall, be sure the frame is the best choice for your new piece of art. The frame for your artwork is nearly as important as the artwork. So, here are some things to consider when framing your work of art.

Protecting Your Artwork

If a piece of art is properly framed, it should help to protect the artwork and also be reversible so that it can be removed without damaging the artwork. If your artwork is not yet framed, it is a good idea to consult with an expert to ensure any frame you choose adequately protects the piece. If it is already framed, you will still want to find out if the frame is sufficient to protect the artwork and if you will be able to change the frame if necessary.

A good frame can protect your artwork from harmful levels of humidity, UV rays, and changing temperatures. It can also help keep the artwork from warping or buckling inside the frame by giving it sufficient room to expand. A good frame can help your artwork last for many years to come.

Complementing the Artwork

A frame should do more than just protect your piece of art. It should also complement it and actually enhance the look of the artwork. If you work with an expert framer on a custom frame, they can help to ensure that the frame you choose does enhance your new piece of art. They will look at the materials and shape of the frame and make sure that they help your artwork stand out.

Although, when choosing a frame, it is also important to consider your personal taste. You want your artwork to look good to others, but it is your piece of art, and you should make sure that you are happy with the frame as well.

Choosing the Best Mountboard

The mountboard or matting for your artwork is also important. The matting for your artwork can help to focus attention on the art. It is essential to look at the color, style, and size of the art you are framing when deciding on matting, and a framing expert can help you do this. Often, you will want wider matting for larger pieces of art, but this is up to you. It really depends on the look you want. Whatever look you decide on for the matting, you will probably want matting with a low acidity level to avoid having the matting damage your artwork over time by causing brown marks on it. Archival or conservation mat boards are a good choice for valuable works of art.

Final Thoughts

The frame you choose is crucial for protecting your artwork as well as enhancing its look. A good frame can help preserve valuable artwork, thus protecting your investment while allowing future generations to enjoy the art.

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