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Moving is a difficult task no matter what items are involved, but when artwork is involved, it adds a new level of complexity to the already difficult job. Original artworks are irreplaceable and often quite fragile. Moving fine art between locations exposes these items to a number of risks, including scratches, gouges, and degradation from exposure to the wrong packing materials and climate fluctuation. These are some of the many reasons that it is best to trust your artwork to professional art movers such as Manzi Appraisers and Restorers.

Professional Art Moving Services

Safely moving artwork between locations requires a number of steps, and Manzi Appraisers and Restorers can handle the entire process, including:

Packaging and Securing Artwork

In order to safely transport artwork, it must be carefully secured and packaged using materials particularly chosen to prevent both internal and external harm. This includes:

  • Using non-abrasive blankets and foam to prevent damage to surfaces
  • Choosing adhesive and packaging materials that will not result in leaching or reactions with the materials in the artwork
  • Setting up soft cover packaging and frameworks to prevent shifting or movement
  • Designing custom packaging solutions for large or unusually shaped artwork
  • Labeling packaging to ensure movers are aware of the fragile cargo inside

Coordinating Shipping

Shipping methods must be particularly chosen to ensure the safety of the fragile artwork. Unnecessary movement or ill-treatment by movers can result in irreparable damages. This is why carefully chosen routes, as well as trusted shipping providers, must be used in order to ensure the safety of artwork during transit.

For example, in order to reduce the dangers involved in long transit times, methods such as air freight may be chosen for faster delivery, as well as choosing trucks with air ride suspension to prevent bumps and jostling during movement. Courier services may also be chosen to prevent unnecessary stops and transfers at cargo hubs.


Once the artwork arrives at its new location, a final hurdle must still be crossed. This is safely dismantling the packaging and installing the artwork in its new location. Mani Appraisers and Restorers can coordinate all of the work needed to install and display the artwork in its new location. Often this includes professional carpentry to mount frames, craft platforms, repair mounting structures, as well as electrical work to install lighting systems, and operating heavy machinery to move heavier pieces into place.

Final Thoughts

Moving fine art is a difficult job fraught with many risks when not performed by professionals. Fortunately, experienced art movers such as Manzi Appraisers and Restorers have the tools and experience necessary to transport artwork safely and handle the entire process from start to finish.

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