Do You Need Additional Insurance Coverage for Your Valuables

No matter what your valuables are, whether it is fine jewelry, artwork, sports memorabilia, or any other property of value, it is worth protecting with an appropriate level of insurance coverage. In many cases, a standard home or renters insurance policy is not enough to cover the potential loss of valuable personal property.

When a standard plan is not enough to cover the loss of personal property, a policy “rider” can provide the additional coverage necessary to cover valuable items. Knowing what personal property may require additional coverage may prevent significant loss in the event of theft, natural disasters, accidental damage, or more. Here are some of the most common valuable items that may require additional coverage.

Fine Jewelry

In most cases, standard home insurance policies cover theft of jewelry within limits. Generally, however, this is only within $1,000 to $1,500 of loss. In contrast, the value of a wedding or an engagement ring is often several thousand. In order to protect against the loss of jewelry in full, it will often be necessary to acquire an additional rider. This may provide the appraised value of the item or cover the replacement, depending on the policy and situation.


Whether it is sterling silver or silver-plated flatware, a collection of silver flatware is a prime target for thieves and is typically only covered for up to $2,500. This is far less than the replacement cost, and this also applies to similar valuables such as tea sets and fine pewterware. If you own items such as these in your home, it is worth considering acquiring additional coverage to ensure that you are protected in the event of a loss.

Antiques and Artwork

Typically, insurance coverage for antiques and artwork is limited to about $2,500. In many cases, this may be far below the replacement cost for antiques and artwork in your home. It is important to have items such as these properly appraised in order to determine if additional coverage may be necessary to protect these items.


If you have any valuable Oriental or Persian rugs in your home, it is important to know that standard liability coverage for these items is generally approximately $5,000. This will often be far short of the replacement value for these precious items. These items should be appraised to determine their value, and what dollar amount of coverage is appropriate to protect them.


Your vintage comic collection, sports, memorabilia, or any other type of collectible is more than just a passion. It is also an investment. Unfortunately, as the result of a loss, most standard policies will only cover collectibles up to approximately $2,000. If the appraised value of your collection exceeds this, it is important to consider additional coverage to ensure that it is protected up to its full value.

Final Thoughts

Standard home or renters insurance policies often have tightly limited coverage for personal belongings. This is great for keeping the costs of coverage down; however, if you own valuable items like those above, it is worth considering acquiring additional policy riders to ensure that your items are protected.

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