Do You Need A Precious Metal Antique Appraisal Or An Appraisal For Decorative Arts? Manzi’s Appraisers Can Help

Collectors of precious metals are a diverse group. Some collectors prefer raw materials while others collect coins, military medals, or jewelry. Some collectors prefer to collect decorative arts that have previous metal components, such as Fabergé and Vertu. Here are a few valuable metals as of 2021 and how Manzi’s experts can help you with antique appraisals or an appraisal for decorative arts.

Why Do People Collect Precious Metals?

Precious metals are both tangible and profitable, which explains why manufacturers use them and consumers want them. From about 5000 BC up until the first paper money was created in the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD), previous metals were how civilizations conducted business. The first paper money in America dated back to 1690, yet in eras like the Great Depression, metal prices soared.

Top Valuable Metals As of 2021

  1. Ruthenium – $11,650.00 Per Ounce

Ruthenium is found primarily in North and South America as well as South Africa. Compounds are most commonly used in electrical energy and solar cells as well as an alloy in jewelry.

  1. Rhodium –$10,700.00 Per Ounce

Rhodium is mined mostly in South Africa, but it is also found in North and South America. Its compounds are primarily used in the automotive industry exhaust parts to reduce emissions.

  1. Iridium – $ 6,000 Per Ounce

Iridium is found with the crust of the Earth but only a few tons are mined in South Africa and Russia annually. As it is resistant to corrosion, it is used to make kitchenware like pots and kettles.

  1. Palladium – $2,049 Per Ounce

Palladium can be found in North and South America, Russia, and Australia. It is primarily used by the automotive industry to make catalytic converters for autos with diesel engines.

  1. Gold – $1,799 Per Ounce

Gold is a multipurpose metal that is mined around the world.  This metal is used widely in most industries as a sign of refinement, including making jewelry, electronics, and home décor.

  1. Platinum – $1032 Per Ounce

Platinum is found in North and South America, Russia, and South Africa. It is used to make automotive parts, jewelry, lab equipment, platinum resistance thermometer, and electrical parts.

  1. Rhenium – $1,290 Per LB

Rhenium is found in the Earth’s crust and mined from copper-sulfide ore. As it is heat resistant, it is widely used to make fibers for thermal resisters and catalysts as well as alloy chemicals.

Precious Metal Antique Appraisals or Appraisal for Decorative Arts

While it is simple to Google the current market value of precious metals, it is not so simple a process to authenticate or value items or decorative art made of or with precious metals such as coins, Vertu, or Fabergé. Most consumers are also not likely to recognize designer insignias or previous metal icons, which is why antique appraisals or appraisal for decorative arts are recommended.

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