David Manzi, CEO and Founder of Manzi Appraisers & Restoration, was featured in Modern Luxury Magazine. A history buff with a background in antique and fine art restoration, Manzi transitioned from his time in the Marine Corps to build a successful business. In the article, he shares his passion for beautiful objects and the fascinating stories they carry. He recounts a memorable appraisal of a Revere church bell in Vermont, highlighting the community’s pride and the powerful history shared by its members.

Manzi recently launched a global online valuation service, allowing clients worldwide to access his expertise. Beyond his business, Manzi is dedicated to supporting the veteran community, emphasizing the need for greater resources for homeless veterans. Each month, his company actively participates in initiatives to assist American heroes.

Manzi encourages others to embrace change and pursue their dreams, regardless of age. His advice is to step out of comfort zones, believe in oneself, rely on family and loved ones, and stay humble and happy to achieve success.

David Manzi Featured in Modern Luxury Magazine


A self-proclaimed history buff with experience in antique and fine art restoration, David Manzi fulfilled his time in the Marine Corps and is now CEO and Founder of Manzi Appraisers and Restoration. “I love seeing beautiful objects; whether a piece of furniture, a painting, porcelain, or silver.” says Manzi. “ The history and the stories surrounding these items were and continue to be fascinating.”

Finding himself deeply enmeshed in history, Manzi enjoys meeting clients to hear the stories of the pieces he appraises. “I was in Vermont to appraise a Revere church bell recently,” begins Manzi. “The community members were very proud and protective of the bell. The stories they shared from their great-great grandparents and the bell were powerful.” Manzi has just announced a global-wide online valuation section of Manzi Appraisers and Restoration, proving that although the history behind each item is part of its worth, the story does not need to be told in person.

As a Marine, Manzi finds great importance in giving back to the community. “ There are many people today who are losing hope,” he laments. “Look at our homelessness affecting our veteran community. These men and women who served our country deserve more support and resources.” Each month, Manzi Appraisers and Restoration joins the fight to help lessen the day- to-day burden of our American Heroes.

As an American hero himself, and a successful business owner, Manzi offers this piece of advice, “I want people to know, anyone who might be contemplating a change in their life, no matter what age, that there is no better time than the present to get out of your comfort zone, believe in yourself, depend on your family, and loved ones. You will achieve success. Stay humble, stay grounded and stay happy.”