Christmas Books with Valuable Rare Book Appraisals

Winter is the season of gift-giving and wintry weather wonderlands. It is also a moment in which people look for bargains and more bang for their bucks. If you are a bookseller or buyer who likes to browse the book racks, it is a perfect time to find hard to find printed holiday theme editions. Here are seven rare Christmas books with valuable rare book appraisals that you should keep an eye out for this holiday season.

5 Christmas Books with Valuable Rare Book Appraisals

  1. The Night Before Christmas, Clement Clark Moore, 1823 ($10,000 USD)

The Night Before Christmas is perhaps one of the most famous titles in the world, possibly because it has been retold countless times and become an American classic for children eagerly awaiting A Visit from St. Nicholas. Of course, before it was a television sensation, it was an 1823 poem written by Clement Clark Moore. Originally intended to entertain his family and friends, one of those who received it saw it for its holiday symbolism and quickly sent it out to an editor for publication. If you are lucky enough to own an original version, you could be earning more than ten thousand dollars this Christmas.

  1. A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, 1843 ($28,000 USD)

A Christmas Carol symbolizes Christmas as we know it today, but it was originally written by Charles Dickens in 1843 as a holiday novella. Along with hand-painted yuletide ghosts and seasonal salvation, it’s little wonder it became a Christmas favorite. If you have an original edition, this Christmas might be your favorite one as you could be earning more than $28,000.

  1. The Haunted Man, Charles Dickens, 1848 ($69,000 USD)

The Haunted Man is another of Charles Dickens’s classic Christmas that is worth its weight in gold. It too follows a haunting along with seasonal goodness and humanity. Written in 1848, it was the fifth novella in a set. An original copy is valued at more than $1,100 but if you own a first edition inscribed by Dickens, it has a higher valuation of more than $69,000 USD.

  1. The Tailor of Gloucester, Beatrix Potter, 1902 ($9,000 to $49,725 USD)

Beatrix Potter wrote The Tailor of Gloucester in 1902 as a children’s book that commemorates Christmas Eve, a caring English tailor, beautiful garden landscapes, and farm-friendly creatures. Potter also hand-created lifelike illustrations that make it a Christmas rarity. A signed hardcover first edition in very good or excellent condition today has rare book appraisals valued at more than $49,725 USD.

  1. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas, Agatha Christie, 1938 ($4,500)

Agatha Christie is known for writing books with murder mystery themes, and her 1938 Hercule Poirot’s Christmas follows a comparable narrative. This Christmas book takes on the glitz and glory of millionaires in luxurious Christmas settings as it follows the vicious murder of Simeon Lee in which only Agatha Christie can do justice. The first edition in fine condition is worth more than $4,500 today.

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