Avoid Storing Estate Art and Antiques in a Storage Unit

Whenever an appraiser is asked about estate art or antiques in a storage unit, this immediately sets off alarm bells in their head. The fact is that self-storage can be a great tool for some things, but you will find that valuable personal property is not one of them. From damage to difficulty appraising these items, storing your art or antiques in a storage unit can be one of the worst decisions you can make for these precious possessions. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.

You’re Working on Memory

The largest issue with storing estate items in a storage unit is that there are generally no inventories or photos of the property, and access to it is so limited. All you have to work with is your memory of the art and antiques, and often these do not have the accuracy that can be accomplished when the art is accessible and visible in the home. Trying to convey this memory to an appraiser or a prospective buyer can be even more difficult. The person that you are trying to communicate with concerning the property will now have to accept your word that it is valuable without seeing it.

Moving Art and Antiques Can Cause Damage

Unfortunately, any time that artwork or antiques are moved, there is a risk of damage. Improper packing, accidents, and simply the stress of movement can lead to wear and tear to valuables. In the worst case, it may even completely destroy precious items. Regardless, it is highly probable that these items will not be in the same condition after they have been moved.

Storage Units Are Rarely Temperature Controlled

Few storage units are temperature-controlled, and even those that are may not be as dependable as that in the home. During many times of the year, weather can be extremely unpredictable, and large swings and extremes in temperature and humidity can lead to considerable damage to arts and antiques as well as other kinds of valuable property.

You Cannot Determine Its Current Condition

Once an estate property is packed in a storage unit, there is no way of knowing its current condition. This applies when you are trying to communicate the condition of the property to others as well. Without detailed information on the property, it is impossible for other parties to determine its value, commence a sale, or appraise it in its current condition. Depending on the length of time it has been since the property went into storage, the condition of the property, as well as its current value, may have changed considerably.

As you have just seen, storing estate items in a storage unit can cause considerable damage and loss. In addition to moving the items, moisture and changes in temperature can greatly affect their condition. Once stored, it can be difficult to communicate the condition of the items as well as to judge their current condition.

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