Henri MATISSE Le Grand Bois,
Appraised at $11,000.00


Manzi Appraisers will identify the personal property and provide a complete appraisal in a self-contained report format. The scope of the work will involve a physical examination, inventory, research, and narrative report, all following the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

We expect to complete appraisals within 25-35 business days

  • Please include your name, address, phone, email, etc.
  • Email photos (to, no more than three (3) per item.
  • Description and approximate piece count of items to be appraised.
  • Any relevant information of provenance, prior appraisal, restoration history, etc.

Once we have received the information, we will send you an engagement letter detailing the assignment’s scope and the appraisal’s cost. Our fees are based on the time to inspect, travel to your location, research, and prepare a report.

Please note that all in-person consultation appraisals are done at the client’s location.

Manzi Appraisers can also come to your location if there are many items to conduct a walkthrough assessment to identify the pieces that may be candidates for appraisal. A minimum $320 fee is payable at the time of the initial walkthrough assessment (Greater Boston Area). The cost varies on location and time.

Manzi Appraisers will travel to all 50 US States. Additional travel expenses, i.e., travel, lodging, meals, etc., will be billed separately.


Virtual Valuation effortlessly without ever leaving your house! Manzi Appraisers is now offering a global online* version of its valuation services

Manzi Appraisers will provide an online valuation option for a flat rate of $250 per item. We tailor our valuation around your collection for a single item or collection. With our experience and expertise, you can rest assured that we will provide full valuation appraisals under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Our team can use your high-resolution digital images and detailed information to offer these valuation services.

Our virtual valuation services include:

  • Appraisals (Fair Market, Retail)
  • Taxation valuations (inheritance, estate, donation, and gift tax)
  • Valuations for Insurance Purposes

If you want to take advantage of our global online valuation option, you only need to click here to provide some starting information and upload images from your phone or computer. Our specialists will review your information and can quickly issue estimates for your items.

We expect to complete appraisals within 25-35 business days

* Online appraisals are at the discretion of the appraiser. Limitations to online appraisals.


David Hockney – “Pembroke Studio with Blue Chairs and Lamp.”
Part of the Moving Focus Series, 1984
Appraised at $55,000.00

Appraisal Services - Damage or loss reports

Damage/Loss Reports

Manzi Appraisers & Restoration damage and loss reports are accepted and respected by all insurance loss companies. We are among the preferred appraisal providers for many major insurance companies, transit & storage companies, adjusters and claim service providers.

Each damaged article is carefully examined, catalogued, digitally documented and appraised on a pre-loss replacement value basis as of the date of loss. In the event of a total loss or theft, valuation is based on all available information and forensic reconstruction.

Insurance Appraisal Reports

Our insurance appraisal reports for insurance coverage are nationally accepted by brokers and underwriters. Our reports comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and other regulatory boards. We appraise items based on their current value to ensure that they are protected by an upfront agreement with the insurance company in case of damage or loss.

We fully catalog and organize items by location and/or category, and digitally photograph them for accurate documentation as the owner’s personal property as of the date of inspection. We can provide necessary support and reports to efficiently manage the claims process by offering retail replacement values and comparable replacement values.

Appraisal Services-Insurance Appraisal Reports
Appraisal Services-Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution

Manzi Appraisers & Restoration creates reports for the fair distribution of assets. These reports support fair division for heirs, divorcing couples, and business partners. Our reports are unbiased, objective, and based on the current market value of the artworks.

We adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and other regulatory boards. Art objects are appraised based on their current value to ensure fair distribution.

Artworks are fully cataloged and organized based on the client’s preferences. They are also digitally photographed for accurate documentation as personal property of the owner at the date of inspection. Each item is researched to determine fair market or marketable cash values.

Estate Appraisals

Manzi Personal Property Appraisers will provide a valuation for use in an Estate Tax Return. When we use the term “fair market value,” we mean the most probable selling price or price available in the open retail market between a willing buyer and a willing seller. Neither party should be under any compulsion to act, and both should have reasonable knowledge of the facts. This definition is in accordance with The Internal Revenue Code Section 20.2032 of the Estate Tax Regulations.


Pablo PICASSO, Torse de femme, (L’Égyptienne) $82,000

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