5 Things Antique Appraisers Look For To Determine Value

Antique appraisers will tell you that while an antique´s splendor is often in the eye of the observer; it is a piece´s oddity and rare characteristics that add the most value. So, if you have a few things around the house you want to value, here are a few things we look for during appraisals.

How Can You Tell If an Antique Is Valuable?

To tell if an antique is valuable, look for signs of rarity, aesthetics, attractiveness, authenticity, and condition. If a piece is truly extraordinary, you can expect it to be worth a pretty penny. As it is an antique, its value will usually rise as long as you take the proper care and preserve your investment.

Things Antique Appraisers Look For

What does rarity actually mean? That depends on the antique appraiser you ask, of course. If only a few were made and people want it, it adds value. It can also be rare because it is too peculiar for the marketplace, so you need an experienced appraiser to tap into his or her private customer base.

Even if you think an antique was made in the millions, time may be in your favor. With a bit of research, an appraiser may find you may have the only remaining original known to exist. Even if your antique is scratched, broken, or chipped, a restoration may be all it needs to increase the value.

An antique may also have an unusual design or shade. The Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase was created in 1740 and purchased in 2010 for $80.2 million. Its hues stand out as being an early period piece. Made with gold inlay, vibrant yellows, lighter blues, their cohesiveness created a beautiful motif.

An antique´s size can also affect its value. An original 1914 pocket watch created by Patek Philippe was appraised in 2004 for $250,000, but in 2018, it was reappraised between two and three million. So, do not discount how valuable small antiques can be as originals can fetch a pretty good amount.

Do you have items you think are too big to be of value? Do not throw them out just yet until you read this. The largest antique sale on record happens to be the London Bridge. Created in 1831, Robert McCulloch, a U.S. businessman, famously bought this legendary bridge for $2,460,000.

Aesthetic appeal is also an important factor when valuing antiques. Of course, every consumer is different when it comes to personal style and taste. If you have an antique that you consider unpleasant to look at, try to remember it could be the factor that increases its value to a collector.

Lastly, an antique´s original condition can increase or lower a piece´s value. If an appraiser finds an antique in excellent condition, expect a top-dollar value. If it looks beyond redemption, you should expect a lower value. Antique appraisers are also able to provide an owner with a restoration value.

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