5 Items That Need an Appraisal for Decorative Arts

The world is full of beautiful, intricate things, but does that mean you have to buy them all? How to determine value is one of the inquiries Manzi Appraisers & Restorer get asked about often. It’s common to impulse buy, so here are a few tips on items that require an appraisal for decorative arts.

Must-Have Items That Need Appraisal for Decorative Arts

If you are a connoisseur of valuable objects, you likely already know that beauty and value may be worlds apart. Beauty can be divine or downright ugly, but as art, even the grandest of societies craved their presence and paid delightfully. Their values today are undeniably shocking but still worth investing in.

3 Varieties You Should Consult With Us About:

  • Household Furniture

It is important to keep in mind that while household furniture is collectible, certain periods in history are more prime for it than others. Furniture may be from the Old World or the New, but one thing for certain, you want to buy pieces that are considered antique, vintage, or historical.

If you plan on purchasing furniture under thirty years old, it likely has little value as it is likely used and nothing more. Older pieces like sideboards, buffet tables, or Chester drawers should be appraised before you buy them to research, authenticate them, and determine their current value.

Even antique household goods like iron gating, staircase railings, or old-fashioned outdoor gas lights need to be authenticated. Quite often periodic furniture was so popular that modern manufacturers now recreate authentic-looking pieces. Appraisers authenticate before you buy.

  • Decorative Art

Decorative art is quality-made, so it’s in high demand. Not only do private collectors want them, but designers often use them to enhance office settings. Decorative art can be something like a sculpture, an engraving, or a painting. It could also be a tapestry, a rug, a chandelier, or a lamp.

Decorative art usually is beautiful yet functional, so its aesthetic value can equal that of its embellishments or design. It could also be any type of material, so you can easily get swept up in décor that is easy to forge, such as items made of glass, metals, textiles, wood, and ceramics.

Even the truest of art décor savants are deceived with forgeries. Appraisers spot the fakes because we are as knowledgeable as the forger in how they replicate art décor. Many of the techniques used historically are unknown, so the predatory sellers have a difficult time getting past experts.

  • Antique Tableware

Another hot ticket item that buyers should invest in is tableware for the collectors who want to make a chic fashion statement. Sure, everyone has tableware, but some have the type of luxurious tableware that is sure to catch the eye of everyone in attendance. Here is what you should know.

The first thing that will catch a collector’s eye on extravagant tableware is a serial number. Some carry a family’s crest while others are part of a set or collection. If you want to collect tableware, you should look meticulously at silverware, plates, ceramics, porcelain, or pewter (metal alloy).

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